I was just casually web surfing and looking at a couple of different sites and also downloading a file, when my anti-virus popped up a warning that it detected something malicious. I have an ad-blocker that also usually blocks pop-ups and I didn’t notice any ads, nor anything pop up at the time so I wasn’t sure what might have triggered the warning.

The pop-up was too swift for me to read entirely what it said so I just ran a scan on the file which had completed downloading with my ant-virus. It seemed clean but I deleted it anyway to be safe. I also ran a scan on my computer’s hard drive. The scan of my hard drive took hours, since my hard drive is very large, but eventually the anti-virus said it found a trojan script called “Wacatac.B!ml” in my browser’s CacheStorage. I instructed it to remove it.

It is anything I need to be concerned about? The computer seems fine and I haven’t noticed any odd behavior with it but now I’m wary to type in any passwords or anything sensitive in case there’s a malicious program recording what I type in. How can I be sure the thing is definitely gone?

I have MalwareBytes program as well and tried running an additional scan with that but the program crashes after several hours of scanning and doesn’t ever seem to complete a scan.

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