Considerable attention has been paid to dynamic searchable symmetric
encryption (DSSE) which allows users to search on dynamically updated encrypted
databases. To improve the performance of real-world applications, recent
non-interactive multi-client DSSE schemes are targeted at avoiding per-query
interaction between data owners and data users. However, existing
non-interactive multi-client DSSE schemes do not consider forward privacy or
backward privacy, making them exposed to leakage abuse attacks. Besides, most
existing DSSE schemes with forward and backward privacy rely on keeping a
keyword operation counter or an inverted index, resulting in a heavy storage
burden on the data owner side. To address these issues, we propose a
non-interactive multi-client DSSE scheme with small client storage, and our
proposed scheme can provide both forward privacy and backward privacy.
Specifically, we first design a lightweight storage chain structure that binds
all keywords to a single state to reduce the storage cost. Then, we present a
Hidden Key technique, which preserves non-interactive forward privacy through
time range queries, ensuring that data with newer timestamps cannot match
earlier time ranges. We conduct extensive experiments to validate our methods,
which demonstrate computational efficiency. Moreover, security analysis proves
the privacy-preserving property of our methods.

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