This paper discusses the development of an open source tool ACRO, (Automatic
Checking of Research Outputs) to assist researchers and data governance teams
by distinguishing between: research output that is safe to publish; output that
requires further analysis; and output that cannot be published because it
creates substantial risk of disclosing private data. ACRO extends the
functionality and accessibility of a previous prototype by providing a
light-weight ‘skin’ that sits over well-known analysis tools, and enables
access in a variety of programming languages researchers might use. This adds
functionality to (i) identify potentially disclosive outputs against a range of
commonly used disclosure tests; (ii) suppress outputs where required; (iii)
report reasons for suppression; and (iv) produce simple summary documents
Trusted Research Environment (TRE) staff can use to streamline their workflow.
The ACRO code and documentation are available under an MIT license at

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