Writers of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Had Imagined an Even Darker Sequel
The writers of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story “had an idea for a sequel that would have been even darker and more morally ambiguous,” writes Screen Rant:

Rogue One told the story of how the Rebel Alliance gained access to the Death Star plans, and further explored the sacrifices that needed to be made to defeat the Empire. Famously, the movie led straight into the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, and most of its main characters died, so there was never any true hope for a direct Rogue One sequel. However, the writers of Rogue One did once discuss an idea for a thematic sequel that would have delved into the moral ambiguity of the Rebellion.

Co-writers Gary Whitta and Chris Weitz conceptualized a Rogue One sequel show that would have involved a “Mossad-style Rebel team” tracking down fleeing Imperial war criminals after the fall of the Empire. This would have been an interesting continuation of Rogue One’s narrative; a Star Wars show in which the darker side of the Rebel victory could be explored. In that scenario, the Rebels would have had to fight on the offensive, not defensively, reversing the war’s dynamic entirely. The show could have explored how far the Rebels were willing to go to hold onto their hard-won freedom, and whether it mirrored anything the Empire did to hang onto its dictatorship.
At the time Lucasfilm was experimenting with “one-and-done stories within blockbuster movies,” the article point sout. But Solo: A Star Wars Story “was unable to replicate the same winning formula” as Rogue One. “After that, the ideas for Star Wars’ anthology movies fizzled out, essentially replaced with Star Wars TV once Disney+ launched in 2019.”
And in an earlier article, Screen Rant points out that The Mandalorian “has already filled in the story gaps that the Rogue One writers were looking to explore. That series dug deep into the criminal underbelly of the post-Empire galaxy and how the remaining imperial loyalists chose to spend their time.”

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