Technology has evolved over the years, making our lives easier. It has
impacted the healthcare sector, increasing the average life expectancy of human
beings. Still, there are gaps that remain unaddressed. There is a lack of
transparency in the healthcare system, which results in inherent trust problems
between patients and hospitals. In the present day, a patient does not know
whether he or she will get the proper treatment from the hospital for the fee
charged. A patient can claim reimbursement of the medical bill from any
insurance company. However, today there is minimal scope for the Insurance
Company to verify the validity of such bills or medical records. A patient can
provide fake details to get financial benefits from the insurance company.
Again, there are trust issues between the patient (i.e., the insurance claimer)
and the insurance company. Blockchain integrated with the smart contract is a
well-known disruptive technology that builds trust by providing transparency to
the system. In this paper, we propose a blockchain-enabled Secure and Smart
HealthCare System. Fairness of all the entities: patient, hospital, or
insurance company involved in the system is guaranteed with no one trusting
each other. Privacy and security of patients’ medical data are ensured as well.
We also propose a method for privacy-preserving sharing of aggregated data with
the research community for their own purpose. Shared data must not be
personally identifiable, i.e, no one can link the acquired data to the identity
of any patient or their medical history. We have implemented the prototype in
the Ethereum platform and Ropsten test network, and have included the analysis
as well.

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