I’m looking for an Antivirus that has the least amount of impact on gaming.

I’ve been doing some research, looking into some sources like AV Comparative’s Performance Test, AV Comparative’s Protection Test, and YouTube videos like this. I don’t know if the AV Performance Tests are that useful since it uses weird categories like “Installing Applications” that don’t really apply to running an application like a video game. On the other hand, in this video he leaves out Microsoft Defender so I can’t really make a fair choice just going for Bitdefender like he recommends. I’m also a little hesitant to believe that those certain antiviruses can increase FPS like he says, but whatever. Obviously, if I’m going to use something like Windows Defender I’m going to disable the random scans that can happen while playing games.

All things considered, does anyone definitely know of an Antivirus that provides sufficient protection with the least amount of impact to performance or latency while gaming? I assume eSports pros may just leave it on Windows Defender since I rarely hear of the topic brought up during gaming optimization videos, so should I just stay on that and use common sense? Anyways, I doubt they disable Antivirus altogether for whatever boost that brings. I don’t know, I’m just looking for something with basic protection needs that doesn’t hinder my gaming experience at all. Thanks.

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