The adoption of WebAssembly has rapidly increased in the last few years as it
provides a fast and safe model for program execution. However, WebAssembly is
not exempt from vulnerabilities that could be exploited by side channels
attacks. This class of vulnerabilities that can be addressed by code
diversification. In this paper, we present the first fully automated workflow
for the diversification of WebAssembly binaries. We present CROW, an
open-source tool implementing this workflow. We evaluate CROW’s capabilities on
303 C programs and study its use on a real-life security-sensitive program:
libsodium, a cryptographic library. Overall, CROWis able to generate diverse
variants for 239 out of 303,(79%) small programs. Furthermore, our experiments
show that our approach and tool is able to successfully diversify off-the-shelf
cryptographic software (libsodium).

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