Jim Swanson is EVP and enterprise chief information officer at Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest healthcare company. He leads approximately 5,000 IT professionals around the globe, but as he’ll tell you, technology isn’t just the domain of IT at Johnson & Johnson.

Because technology plays a critical role in the company’s mission of transforming the trajectory of human health, Jim is also focused on making sure all 135,000 employees worldwide have the digital acumen to combine their business area expertise with technology understanding and data science to create more value for patients and customers.

When I spoke with Jim for the CIO Whisperers podcast, we spent a good deal of time talking about what Johnson & Johnson is doing to accelerate the digital health ecosystem. But one of the things that stood out was his emphasis on people and the culture. He firmly believes that you can’t innovate in a customer-centric way without fostering a diverse, inclusive, tech-centric culture where everyone has the opportunity to shape their own paths.

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