How Do You Get Rare Cards In Coin Master?
Do You want to know how to get rare cards in coin master? How do you get rarest cards in coin master? Before go with the list of rare card and rarest cards of coin master, i want to give you small information about uses of cards in coin master and what are the cards role in coin master game? How can you buy cards in coin master?

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    What Are The Cards For In Coin Master?

    In Coin master,You have to collect 9 cards to complete one cards set.As level of game increase,New cards set opens up.Coin master rewards you with amazing gift on completion of card set.As level increase after completing village,gifts from cards set also increase.Coin master rewards food,xp,coins and spins.

    How Do You Get Cards For Chests On Coin Master?

    There are three types of chests:Wooden chests,golden chests and magical chests.You get 2 cards in wooden chests,4 cards in golden chests and 8 cards in magical chests.Wooden chests contain low level cards,golden chests contain medium level golden cards and magical chests contain golden cards and rare cards.

    Can You Buy Cards For Coin Master?

    Yes,You can buy cards for coin master.You have to open chests to buy cards for coin master.Each chests have different value and chests value increase on increasing level.You can buy any chests using coins.

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    What Do You Do With The Cards In Coin Master?

    Coin master gifts food, xp, spins and coins on completion of the card set.You can collect cards from friends or From coin master trading groups or By way of opening chests.

    How Often Can You Send Cards In Coin Master?

    You can send 5 cards a day but not golden cards.Normal cards can be send anytime limited to 5 cards a day.You can send golden cards during golden card events.

    Can You Send More Than 5 Cards On Coin Master?

    No,You can’t send more than 5 cards a day.Change the date of phone to next day allows you to send more than 5 cards a day.This is not legal but this simple trick help you send more than 5 cards a day.

    How Do You Trade Cards On Coin Master?

    1. Click on Cards icons on bottom left.
    2. Select the cards you want to Send.
    3. Select the friend to whom you want to Send.
    4. Hit Send.

    You can only send normal cards if you have more than one cards.You can’t send golden cards.

    What Cards Are Rare In Coin Master?

    Table below is the complete list of rare cards.Coin master trading group is the official facebook group to send and receive rare cards.

    • Flamingo
    • HolyMonk
    • Santa
    • Excalibur
    • Mighty Wizard
    • Sliver Back
    • Barrel Tank
    • Genie
    • Fire Ring
    • Kingsfoil
    • Fondue
    • Aztec Princess
    • Mythical Tune
    • Portly Pete
    • Painters Palette
    • Mellow Lisa
    • Pop art Poppa
    • Cosmic Carl
    • Machine heart

    What Is The Rarest Card In Coin Master?

    Table below is the list of rarest cards.These are high level rare cards.

    • Martain lettuce
    • Satyr
    • Arm Strong
    • Torero
    • Lenny The Lefty
    • Cleopatra
    • Bar hopper
    • Mythical Dome
    • Catness
    • Berly
    • Punky
    • Knight guard
    • Lucky Lance
    • Archery Camp
    • Pig knight
    • Hotrod
    • Crusader
    • Haunted Harriet
    martian lettuce
    Above lists does not contain Golden rare cards.It contain only normal rare cards which can be traded any time.

    How Do You Get Rare Cards In Coin Master?

    Ask your coin master friends to send rare cards.You can trade rare cards in coin master cards trading group.Alternatively you can buy rare cards and rarest cards online.Please let me know in comment section the additional trick to get rare cards.Watch below video to get rare cards in coin master:

    What Are The Best Levels To Buy Chests In Coin Master?

    If you are building a “Santa village” then open chests in that village.Chances to get rare cards from chests is higher in particular village.Open chests in boom village.

    In this tutorial, I have shared how you get rare cards in coin master.By continuing this tutorial,i will share the trick to get rare golden cards.

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