By: Steven Lim, SVP Product & Marketing, Global Data Centers Americas division of NTT

Let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate: there is no ‘cloud versus data center.’ It’s a false dichotomy. The reality is that cloud and data centers are critical parts of the digital infrastructure. More than that, their relationship is one of symbiosis. Advances in data center technology (think high-speed connectivity, efficient power, and more) boost the effectiveness of the cloud, and vice versa. This synergy has the potential to help clients fuel limitless future product innovation and service optimization for their customers.

From the start, the cloud seemed like a simpler, lower-cost (more on that in a bit) alternative to managing on-prem infrastructure. But as data and compute demand has grown, so too has the realization that organizations need more flexibility than a ‘cloud-only’ strategy can provide. It’s here, in particular, that colocation data centers still lead the way.

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