Around half a year ago, a virus infected my iphone. A app was installed onto my NON jailbroken phone from chrome without my permission, and i perfomed a factory reset in order to remove it (my previous and only other post went more in depth regarding it). I am not tech smart, so i’ve never been quite sure if I removed it or how viruses work, but im pretty sure this could have happened as my phone was behind on a lot of updates.

Recently, i was using hotspotshield as a vpn on youtube, and was supposed to be watching from USA because of the VPN. however, I recieved Asian ads, seemingly from Malaysia or Indonesia judging by the language. When i realised this could be connected to the virus (it may not be, but im quite paranoid) I immediately turned off the vpn, and it gave me a little apple notice thing asking the app to be given access or to connect to other networks- or at least it was along these lines. My phone was very low on battery, and died a little after this.

Are there any tech savy people out there who can tell me whether or not I should be worried? Im very lost and quite scared and ive not updated my iphone since as an extra precaution.

Tysm if youve taken the time to read this, I really really really appreciate it.

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