Hi folks, so I was surfing the web recently on my PC and I (like the title suggests) accidentally clicked a “I am not a robot” popup to enter what I assumed was a valid website. I was clearly redirected and currently have egg all over my face.

Cut to a hour later, I jump back on and boot up my PC and the next thing I hear and see is popups in the bottom right of my screen claiming I need Norton, McAfee and the works as I have a Trojan virus infecting my PC. Now fool me once shame on you and I knew this was obviously malicious. So I enter your typical panic mode. With research I discovered that this particular nuisance is adware and I should have had a sufficient firewall etc. installed (as I have now done so with Bitdefender / Windows security combo)

I have ran a big deep scan and have uncovered no Trojans, adware etc. I also looked through the control panel and the uninstall settings option and have seen no out if the ordinary applications. I also went onto chrome and disabled the sites ability to send notifications, access camera etc. (though the site reverscaptcha.com (danger) is still present under “Site permissions” on chrome). My question is does this mean I am in the clear? I never clicked on any of said popups so am I safe to go forward using my bank details etc on this PC 😂😂

Thanks folks.

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