I know that the terms and services almost always have that section where they describe data collection, privacy, and how they handle your data. McAfees is pretty extensive. They list their affiliates, device identifiers, what apps you use and how often and so on. They list that they share with law enforcement as all terms typically say. They do so even if you are not doing anything illegal. I generally uninstall apps because I believe I have the human right to privacy.

McAfee points to AWS and I don’t understand how it works but I got sick of looking at the log and how often they referred to that port so I uninstalled it. Does anybody understand what this means and can explain it in simple terms? Why do they refer to AWS? I don’t have a screenshot of McAfee doing it but this one of protonvpn looks somewhat similar and gets the point across although I think it only lists the port once. Does this mean they use AWS servers and store their data in a cloud there?

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