The application of graph analytics to various domains have yielded tremendous
societal and economical benefits in recent years. However, the increasingly
widespread adoption of graph analytics comes with a commensurate increase in
the need to protect private information in graph databases, especially in light
of the many privacy breaches in real-world graph data that was supposed to
preserve sensitive information. This paper provides a comprehensive survey of
private graph data release algorithms that seek to achieve the fine balance
between privacy and utility, with a specific focus on provably private
mechanisms. Many of these mechanisms fall under natural extensions of the
Differential Privacy framework to graph data, but we also investigate more
general privacy formulations like Pufferfish Privacy that can deal with the
limitations of Differential Privacy. A wide-ranging survey of the applications
of private graph data release mechanisms to social networks, finance, supply
chain, health and energy is also provided. This survey paper and the taxonomy
it provides should benefit practitioners and researchers alike in the
increasingly important area of private graph data release and analysis.

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