30 Million Americans Face ‘Excessive Heat Alerts’.  Death Valley, California Hits 130 Degrees
“Death Valley, California, recorded high temperatures of 130 degrees Fahrenheit on Friday and 129.4 degrees on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service…” reports NPR. “Experts need to verify the 130-degree records from this year and last year, but if correct they would be the hottest temperatures reliably recorded on Earth.”

“Interestingly, it could happen again Sunday, and perhaps even Monday as well,” adds CNN. But they also report that nearly a tenth of all Americans are now facing a hot weekend:

More than 30 million people in the West are under excessive heat alerts. The heat alerts stretch from northern Washington state down to the Arizona/Mexico border. Grand Junction, Colorado, set a new all-time temperature record of 107 on Friday. Las Vegas tied its all-time temperature record of 117 degrees on Saturday. Fresno, California, could also near its all-time temperature record of 115 degrees on Sunday.

But none of these quite compares to the staggering 130 in Death Valley — 13 degrees above normal.

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